State Govt defends ‘Uber ban’ at Optus Stadium

Perth Stadium
Perth Stadium

TRANSPORT Minister Rita Saffioti says allowing Uber and other ride-sharing companies to use Victoria Park Drive to drop people off at Optus Stadium on game days would interfere with public transport and cause safety concerns.

Ms Saffioti said when the stadium was designed it was never intended to have significant amounts of cars dropping people off and picking them up.

“The location of the stadium also means there is very little interface with the existing road network,” she said.

“The public transport plan for the stadium prioritises high-frequency bus services on the road network around the stadium.

“Adding more private vehicles and ride share drop offs into the mix would interfere with bus services, create safety concerns for pedestrians and cause traffic congestion issues.”

Uber spokesman Matt Wing said the company was always looking to find ways to enhance urban mobility in Perth and were keen to help ensure that attendees could get a ride to and from the stadium at the push of a button.

“We’re ready to work with VenuesLive so that they can provide their customers with all available transportation options,” he said.

Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said the stadium would be an iconic venue that all West Australians must be able to access and enjoy.

“It would be dreadful to think elderly people, who have been attending AFL games most of their lives, will not be able to be dropped at the game by family or friends, or that all legitimate pay-to-ride services will not be able to take patrons to the venue,” he said.

“This Government has already told West Australians that unless you’re lucky enough to be in a VIP seat you can’t drink full-strength beer, and now they’re saying only those with VIP parking will be allowed to drive anywhere near the stadium.

“The Perth Stadium is for all West Australians not just a privileged few.”

Ms Saffioti said stadium goers wishing to take private vehicles could travel to East Perth, central Perth and Belmont Park to access existing supplies of parking.

“From there, they can use shuttle bus services to get to the stadium,” she said.

“There are other drop off and pick up areas for ride share passengers outside the traffic management zones.”

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