Strong swing to Libs at most booths

Incumbent Steve Irons strengthened his position in the area, claiming enough votes for a third term.

Mr Irons also claimed victory in two of the three polling booths in Victoria Park, which were the expected stronghold of Labor candidate and Town deputy mayor John Bissett.

So far, the Redcliffe polling booth has had the strongest swing to the Liberal party of 9.67 per cent, with about 70 per cent of the votes counted overall.

In first party preference, Mr Irons received 48.3 per cent of the vote, Mr Bissett 31.1 per cent and Greens candidate Gerard Siero 11.5 per cent.

After preference distribution, Mr Irons received 55.8 per cent of the two party preferred vote with a swing of 3.3 per cent in his favour.

Palmer United Party candidate Ken Duncan made an impressive debut in the seat, receiving 4.4 per cent of first party preferences.

This was more than previous runner Australian Christians candidate Steve Klomp who received 1.79 per cent.

Out of the currently counted 67,052 votes cast for Swan, 5.95 per cent were informal, a one per cent increase since the last election.