Talk of new Eagles nest

While Eagles’ communications manager Gary Stocks didn’t deny discussions were under way, he said commenting on the proposal would be premature. He did say there was no ‘frontrunner’ for the facility’s location and the club was negotiating with parties.

Town of Victoria Park Mayor Trevor Vaughan was also coy, saying he understood Lathlain was one of several options for the West Coast Eagles.

‘We are in discussions and hoping for a favourable outcome,’ Cr Vaughan said.

Lathlain Park is Perth Football Club’s home ground and Demons’ chief Marty Atkins said the Town was committed to the Perth club, and so he had no concerns at this ‘very early stage’.

‘We have had discussion with West Coast confirming that we have no problems with the idea, as long as Perth Football Club remains, with the ability to continue to operate in a manner no worse than what we do now,’ Mr Atkins said. ‘We know we might get new facilities, but we also want to keep naming rights, around ground signage, supporter/facility parking, the ability to conduct community events/games etc so there is a lot more discussion ahead.’