Taskforce looks at merger possibilities

At a recent meeting, the taskforce reviewed reports that identified existing synergies and resource sharing opportunities.

‘The joint taskforce continues to meet and make progress on looking at the issues associated with a possible amalgamation of the two local governments,’ said City of South Perth chief executive Cliff Frewing.

So far, the taskforce has identified areas of shared resourcing that are already in place including the City of South Perth Dog Pound, shared sporting facilities, maintenance of the foreshore and the sharing or expansion of existing interest groups.

Both local governments are also confident that the level of service currently provided by their organisations will be maintained should an amalgamation occur.

Both have been proactive in ensuring staff that it is unlikely potential amalgamations will affect employment.

‘We are dedicated to ensuring our officers feel comfortable and informed, communicating that it is unlikely that staff numbers will be affected with potential amalgamations,’ Town of Victoria Park chief executive Arthur Kyron said.