Telstra site up for discussion

The Telstra site in Manning has been brought back to council after it was told by the Planning Minister to advertise the draft amendment.

As advertised, amendment No 34 would rezone the Telstra site so three residential buildings with height limits of 14, 21 and 36 metres could be built with an R160 density coding.

The proposal first came to council in September 2012 and initially was declined by the council.

The council asked the applicants to submit another application with a bulk and scale they would consider.

But, after being ordered to advertise by the minister, the original proposal was put out for pubic comment.

In response to submissions, it is now recommended that the amendment be modified to a R100 density coding and building height limits be set at 10.5, 14 and 21 metres.

There were 152 submissions with only nine individual submissions supporting the original proposal.

The 133 individual opposing submissions cited against the concept design, loss of privacy, construction noise and social implications, with others from community groups.