Tempers flare over verge

More than two years ago, a dispute began over what local residents described as the ‘unsightly’ and ‘neglected’ appearance of the church’s Forrest Street verge.

Last month City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said the City wanted the church to either reinstate the verge to lawn or plant a waterwise verge garden.

At the meeting, St Columba’s Parish building and finance council member Bernard Lawrence said they wanted the City to pay $24,000 to pave the verge, as the hill area was very difficult to look after and reticulate.

A member of the public gallery responded by calling out ‘that is a barefaced lie.’

The matter is currently before Council to be addressed at tonight’s council meeting.

Should the council adopt the officer’s recommendation to enforce the street verge policy and local law, the parish will be liable for the costs of reinstating the verge.