Tourism WA report rates Victoria Park Perth’s second worst entertainment precinct

Tourism WA report rates Victoria Park Perth’s second worst entertainment precinct

A TOURISM WA report has rated Victoria Park as the second worst entertainment precinct in Perth, behind only Scarborough.

Victoria Park had an overall a rating of 5.7 out of 10 in the Perth Entertainment Precincts report, with 47 per cent of people listing that it was “too far away” as the main issue and 39 per cent preferring another area.

The most popular reason for visiting Victoria Park was to have a meal with 73 per cent listing that as their purpose for visiting; having a coffee was second most popular activity with 25 per cent.

Town of Victoria Park chief executive Anthony Vuleta said while he was glad Victoria Park was included as an entertainment precinct of interest, he believed the report provided no clarity on the criteria for meeting this definition.

“We would also ask why are other developing metropolitan tourist regions not included, such as Perth Hills, Joondalup, for example?

“There is not a lot of context given around how the survey was conducted, other than online.

“The report results do clearly indicate where there are opportunities along our main street, Albany Highway, but does not appear to consider the peninsula as a tourism destination with Crown, Perth Racing and the new Perth Stadium.

“This district is part of Victoria Park.”

Mr Vuleta said the Town had a strong focus in recent years on activating its spaces, delivering events and supporting local businesses.

“We already know we have significant numbers of visitors coming to the Town, and as the report indicates, the biggest attractor is our range of restaurants on the highway strip, with 73 per cent awareness of this,” he said.

“Now we need to capitalise on this, as well as showcase our other attractions and assets.

“The council has looked at opportunities for nightclubs in this area and acknowledges there is a market for small bars and restaurants.”

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