Town of Victoria Park supports Basinghall Street apartment complex

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THE Town of Victoria Park has given support to a 36-dwelling apartment complex on Basinghall Street despite concerns about an oversupply of parking.

The council voted last night to recommend that the development is approved by the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) but recommended a reduction of car bays from the proposed 61 bays, among other issues.

A number of residents raised concerns about the plot ratio of the building, privacy and the design of the car parking area.

Town of Victoria Park design review committee member Malcolm Mackay spoke in favour of the development, apart from some minor changes, and commented that an oversupply of parking was unusual.

Councillor Brian Oliver asked if the council could highlight the residents’ concerns through the Responsible Authority Report, which would go to the JDAP.

Several of the councillors echoed the residents’ concerns and an amended motion was approved.

The motion asked the JDAP to give consideration to putting in conditions for the applicant to build a masonry wall, reduce the number of car bays and include more landscaping.

The development is expected to be considered by the JDAP during February.

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