Town of Victoria Park to consider all options for Harold Rossiter Reserve

Harold Rossiter Reserve. d471516
Harold Rossiter Reserve. d471516

THE Town of Victoria is considering all options including Harold Rossiter Reserve for a synthetic turf hockey facility.

A large gallery attended the council’s meeting on June 11, where it moved to look at alternative options for the facility and received a business case for it to be located at the reserve.

The Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club (VPXHC) is looking to move from its current location at Fletcher Park so it can build a synthetic turf facility to keep up with other clubs around the metro area.

The club’s preferred option was the Harold Rossiter Reserve but some members of the community have expressed their concern about this.

Public members formed the Harold Rossiter Reserve Community Action Group (HRRCAG) to voice their concerns, including the |environmental impact of |the facility, the loss of |green space and the lack of public consultation to |date.

At the meeting, the council resolved to list $2.57 million for the hockey club for consideration in the Town’s long-term financial plan and approve that it’s net contribution for the project to be one third of the total cost of the project.

HRRCAG member and St James resident Kate McNally said she was happy that the town would undertake public consultation as part of its resolution.

“I don’t accept that public consultation should not have already occurred but it’s |better late than never,” she said.

“The group will look to participate in everything we can and we will keep a sharp eye on the process.”

VPXHC president Ryan Willis said the club was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.

“We can now move on to make some robust decisions about where we are going,” he said.

“This has been a long time coming so we can ill-afford any delays.

A report will come back to council in October about the possible locations for the facility.

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