Town’s new artistic direction

Mexican artist Saner left his bright, distinctive mark at two locations along the highway after lobbying by the Vic Park Collective and Town of Victoria Park secured him for a week in August.

He completed the first mural in about seven hours featuring two animal characters � including a stylised koala � called Nahuals, which are protectors in Mexican mythology. It is common to his paintings, as they protect the wall and those viewing it.

The second mural � which features a masked couple kissing � took two days as winter rain set in but a strong work ethic and desire to create an artwork for the many members of the Mexican expat community who came to visit him as he painted drove him on.

The Collective has already primed local appetites for large-scale street art after the group secured New York-based artists The Yok and Sheryo in April.

They completed their interpretation of Falkor the luckdragon from �80s cult fantasy film The NeverEnding Story in the IGA laneway in an area where it melded well with the many popular Asian restaurants.

This year, nine new and varied artworks have taken root in the Town thanks to PUBLIC 2015, again hosted by FORM, an independent not-for-profit cultural organisation that develops and advocates artistic creativity in WA.