Tricky technology puts parkers in tight spot

Stephen Glynn from Belmont, who uses the shopping centre daily, said he was unfairly fined $65 for exceeding the four-hour parking limit at the shops on October 22.

Mr Glynn said he had not violated the time limit; he had parked at the centre on two separate occasions.

He said centre management told him Parking Enforcement Services (PES), owned by Wilson Parking, monitored the carpark. Fines were issued by a patrol vehicle with licence plate recognition technology.

Mr Glynn said after he was told by PES that he would have to appeal for the fine to be revoked, he emailed the ticket to Belmont Forum management and told them to take care of it.

He said the centre confirmed it had received his email but had not heard from them since.

‘My main concern is not that I get off but the technology used to infringe people,’ Mr Glynn said.

‘Fair enough if there was a car parked in the same spot and it was provable then give them a ticket, that’s the rule. But there’s not much of a chance that my car was parking in the same spot twice.’

Wilson Parking refused to comment and referred the Southern Gazette to the shopping centre.

Belmont Forum marketing manager Sarah Moore said if someone wished to appeal against a fine they should use the details on the ticket to contact PES.