Twilight play on the horizon

Work has begun at Gerry Archer Reserve.d402066
Work has begun at Gerry Archer Reserve.d402066

Belmont chief Stuart Cole said the ground construction works would be ready in time for the start of the little athletics club season, but the structures may take longer to build.

The City of Belmont fast tracked the reserve’s redevelopment last month because of the rapid progress of the Gateway WA project, which has affected a portion of the reserve and forced an upgrade of the existing facilities, excluding the clubrooms.

About 30 native and exotic trees, mostly eucalypts, were cut down to allow for landscaping and realignment of a new track, about one metre closer to and parallel with Robinson Avenue.

‘Native trees are generally not transplantable and these particular specimens were deemed not suitable for relocation,’ Mr Cole said.

‘Through the planning phase, the City was able to retain about 20 trees.’

The number of car bays at the reserve will be reduced from 200 to about 135 and a new grandstand with eight levels of tiered seating will be built about 16 metres closer to Robinson Avenue.

‘The upgrade will result in a new layout of the park that will allow an increase in field events, as well as improved lighting to meet Australian standards,’ Mr Cole said.

‘This will enable the Belmont Little Athletics Association to have more twilight events and increase their membership capacity (and) the Belmont Villa Soccer Club will now have a facility for evening matches.’