Vale Ruth Faulkner: City of Belmont pays tribute to pioneer whose presence is still felt in City

Ruth Faulkner with a model of the library that was named after her during its construction.
Ruth Faulkner with a model of the library that was named after her during its construction.

CITY of Belmont councillors and staff have paid tribute to one of the City’s pioneers, Ruth Faulkner, who passed away last month.

In 1968 Mrs Faulkner became the first woman elected to the Shire of Belmont and during her term (1968-1971) became Deputy Shire President.

The City’s Library was named after her as she was instrumental in bringing about the decision to invest in building a library.

When first built, the Ruth Faulkner Library was the biggest municipal library in WA and was the first public library in the state to install an automated borrowing system.

During its construction, Mrs Faulkner also backed the installation of a glass wall, which created a light-filled and spacious building.

The City’s Faulkner Park also honours Ruth and her husband Martin.

Belmont Mayor Phil Marks said although she had been long retired from the council, Mrs Faulkner was still very much a presence in the City, attending various functions and activities.

“Mrs Faulkner will be remembered for her drive, enthusiasm and creativity, and for making a significant contribution to making the City of Belmont a better place,” Cr Marks said.

“City of Belmont councillors and staff extend sincere condolences to the Faulkner family.”

Belmont MLA Glenys Godfrey also paid tribute to Mrs Faulkner’s contribution to the City.

“As the City of Belmont’s Mayor in 2011, I had the privilege of meeting Ruth at the Ruth Faulkner Library 40th Anniversary celebration,” Mrs Godfrey said.

“She was a great role model, being the first female councillor in Belmont and a great advocate for a free public library system.

“We sat down and had a great discussion about the role of women in government and how things were different back in the 1960s.”