Vibration impact more concern than noise

She said her windows would vibrate as planes flew overhead and she wondered what else it was doing to the house.

At the council meeting, Mayor Phil Marks responded saying the council was part of a 12-member group on the issue, council had worked to place most of its housing away from flight paths, and a new Australian Noise Exposure Forecast had been released about three weeks ago.

He encouraged residents to take their aircraft noise concerns to the next meeting of the Community Aviation Consultation Group.

Cr Paul Hitt said as a Belmont resident he was also affected by aircraft noise, mainly at night.

Ms Gee told the Southern Gazette that noisier and bigger aircraft seemed to be flying in the past 12 to 18 months, and it was the vibration that irritated her more than noise.

Swan MHR Steve Irons said many larger planes noticed by residents in recent months were military aircraft associated with the search for MH370.

He said the airport’s master plan, with its new runway proposal, provided a real opportunity to consider the issue of a potential Aircraft Noise Insulation Scheme.

‘This is an issue I have been fighting for since flight paths were changed in 2008 without consultation and I will be working to see what can be done during this master planning process,’ Mr Irons said.

He welcomed the noise portal, saying it was a good start at improving the information flow to residents.

He said he would continue to push for Air Services Australia to use the noise decibel system to monitor the impact of aircraft flying overhead.