Vic Park Farmers Market: residents encouraged to recycle

David Ashton, Jeanette McPhee, Morag Croft and Jan Jermalinski.
David Ashton, Jeanette McPhee, Morag Croft and Jan Jermalinski.

A VICTORIA Park community group is encouraging people to recycle their old batteries, smoke alarms and light globes at the Vic Park Farmers Market.

Community Forum Victoria Park runs their recycling service at the markets, which is held on the third Sunday of each month at John McMillan Park.

President David Ashton said that over the last three months they had seen more people bringing items to be recycled with one person dropping off items in June, three in July and seven earlier this month.

“We identified a lack of these recycling facilities in the Town so decided to act and make such a facility available and we are now starting to see the benefits of it,” he said.

“We expect the number of people to take advantage of this service to increase even more over time.”

Community Forum Victoria Park has gone through considerable change after renaming themselves from the old Carlisle Ratepayers and Resident’s Association to an organisation they hoped could play a constructive role in influencing the strategic direction of the community of the Town of Victoria Park.

“We have adopted a comprehensive strategic plan which reflects the aspirations of members and encourages others to join our Association to help develop policies and ideas which we can put to the council or government generally for their consideration, and hopefully adoption.” Mr Ashton said.