Vic Park Neighbourhood SOUP helps fund depression support group

Vic Park Neighbourhood SOUP helps fund depression support group

RAHUL Seth wanted to create a group to help people living with depression.

And help he got from the Vic Park Neighbourhood SOUP went a long way toward getting it off the ground.

After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the Como resident was looking for a safe place to play board games.

SOUP, a micro-funding initiative started by the Vic Park Collective in April 2015, involves people handing over $10 for soup and bread and then listening to a series of pitches before choosing who the money should go to.

Mr Seth said the money he received, which totalled $890, and the connections he made during the night helped form the Perth Active Depression Support Group.

“We’ve had more than 300 people sign up for our activities, we run the board games at the East Victoria Park Family Centre,” he said.

“I donated a quarter of the money I received to the Bluebird Mental Health support service and with the rest of the money I bought the board games.

“More important than the money, though, were the community connections.”

Vic Park Collective committee member Flavia Pardini said the soup nights were held every two months or so.

“We want the community to know that it is a source of funding; it’s about connecting people with ideas with people who have money,” she said.

“Even for the people who don’t win, they can still make connections with the community.”

Another winner from the was Lathlain resident Shay Dowley, 12, who received money for his project to create calico bags with turtle prints.

Shay said he was inspired to create the bags after learning about how turtles tried to eat plastic bags because they thought they were jellyfish.

“I started the project through PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) and the $800 I received helped me complete the project.”

What: Vic Park Neighbourhood Soup

When: 6.30pm, October 11

Where: The Dutch Trading Company

Why: Raising money for community initiatives and worthwhile causes.