Victoria Park girl youngest in Robotics competition

Anoushka Gupta (10) with the winning robot built by the ‘Robogang’ team.
Anoushka Gupta (10) with the winning robot built by the ‘Robogang’ team.

A VICTORIA Park resident was the youngest participant in a robotics competition held at Curtin University earlier this month, winning against high schoolers at just 10 years old.

Victoria Park Primary School Year 5 student Anoushka Gupta (10) was part of the winning alliance between ‘Robogang’ and Byford Secondary College at FIRST Tech Challenge for Robotics Scrimmage.

‘Robogang’ consisted of four Perth Modern School students and Anoushka, who was the youngest participant in the competition.

Their alliance won 128 – 125 points against the Southern River College and Balcatta Senior High School alliance at the finals.

Anoushka said it was a bit nerve wracking to be the youngest but encouraged others her age to enter in these competitions.

“Age is no restriction,” she said.

“I want to motivate as many girls to get into robotics.

“You can cooperate with others, have the opportunity to think and dream what you want to design and the liberty to make whatever you want with robotics.”

‘Robogang’ met up for two hours every Sunday for eight weeks to make the winning robot from scratch.

The participating robots were programmed to perform three obstacle courses with and without driver control.

Anoushka said she hasn’t decided on her dream job but would continue robotics after school and aimed to compete at the national robotics competition.

“I’m not sure what job but it’s definitely in the field of science and mathematics,” she said.

“I just get fascinated with how everything works, it’s fun to program and build it.”