EXCLUSIVE: Victoria Park ‘overdose house’ to be demolished

The property on Colombo St set to be demolished.
The property on Colombo St set to be demolished.

THE backpackers’ property in Victoria Park where nine people overdosed is set to be demolished.

The nine backpackers were rushed to hospitals around the metropolitan area after they took the prescription drug hyoscine at the Colombo Street property.

It was discovered at the time the property was being run without approval from the Town of Victoria and after subsequent communication with the owner, he intends to demolish the property.

Town of Victoria Park chief executive Anthony Vuleta said the council had received three complaints following the January incident.

“Town planning officers investigated those complaints and contacted the property owner asking them to cease using the property as short-term accommodation, and in relation to a number of building issues relating to the main dwelling, the ancillary dwelling and the swimming pool,” he said.

Mr Vuleta said the Town had previously received complaints from neighbours in June 2016 that the property was being used as a short-term accommodation site, which required the council’s approval.

“The Town’s officers asked the property owner to cease using the property as short-term accommodation immediately,” he said.

“The property owner complied and the investigation was closed in August 2016 once the Town’s officers were satisfied the property was being used for its approved purpose.”

The council has the authority to prosecute property owners for breaches of legislation and it employs a planning compliance officer to investigate.

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