Victoria Park Soccer Club’s new coach keen to build competitive edge

Soccer coach Bekky Piotrowski. Picture: Marie Nirme                    d451427
Soccer coach Bekky Piotrowski. Picture: Marie Nirme d451427

The US-born coach has played soccer both in the US and in Australia on mixed and women’s teams, indoor and outdoor leagues and more.

Piotrowski officiated soccer for about six years in both countries for men, women and youth.

“In the US I held dual certifications that allowed me to referee both school leagues and competitive club matches and in Australia I hold an FFA Level 3 certification,” she said.

“It’s always a challenge putting together and developing a new team.”

With the season now underway, Piotrowski said players at VPSC already had a great individual understanding of the game.

“My greatest challenge will be reading the group dynamic and consolidating these individual players into a successful and competitive team,” Piotrowski said.

“I want this squad to be competitive in the league, I want them to enjoy their playing days at VPSC and actively contribute to the community spirit at the club. After all, these ideals – competition, success, enjoyment, contribution – aid in positive player retention and future club growth.”

Her extensive experience on the field has helped her to develop a tough training regime of skills, tactical and fitness training in each session.

“I remember a coach saying the more touches on a ball the player gets at training, the better player he’ll become,” she said.

“That idea of learning by doing has stuck with me. I try to keep players moving and minimise standing around, so they have to keep the ball at their feet and stay engaged.

“Fatigue can be a friend at training but in a match, not so much.”

While Piotrowski is the first female coach in the club to spearhead the men’s league team, it’s not something that has intimidated her at all.

“I’ve always been regarded as one of the boys, so I don’t really feel out of place,” she said.