Victoria Park Urban Tree Network wants rethink on plan for old Lathlain-Carlisle Bowling Club site

Town of Victoria want to transform the old Lathlain-Carlisle Bowling Club site.
Town of Victoria want to transform the old Lathlain-Carlisle Bowling Club site.

THE Victoria Park Urban Tree Network is asking Town of Victoria Park to rethink its plans to the old Lathlain-Carlisle Bowling Club site.

The council is proposing to have active and passive dog parks, multi-use courts, a kick-about space, an urban orchard and an upgraded playground on the site.

But the network would like to see the area turned into an urban forest, which they believe would have environmental, economic and cultural benefits.

Victoria Park Urban Tree Network secretary and Carlisle resident Heather Johnstone said there was “no opportunity” for Carlisle residents to have input into the concept design.

“They haven’t explained why tennis courts couldn’t fit in the zone 2 (of the Lathlain Park redevelopment), there has also been no explanation of costs of different amenities or any issues that could arise,” she said.

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“An example is that pests from an urban orchard could place a burden on adjacent residents as removal of pests on their own properties which have been spread from the proposed urban orchard would be their responsibility.”

Mrs Johnstone said her organisation would like to see a strong focus on biodiversity at the site with a large number of endemic species, a passive recreational space and a water sensitive urban design that benefited all of the community at the site.

“We believe the size of the dog park is disproportionate to the number of dog owners in the area,” she said.

“The kick-about space is not needed given the proximity to the new ovals, one of which will be available to the general public.”

Town of Victoria Park renew life director Warren Bow said consultation was ongoing and the current plan was a draft and not the final concept.

“The Town will be reviewing the design of the old bowling club site/Tom Wright Park based on the feedback from the current community consultation,” he said.

“The Town has worked closely with a community reference group and will continue to do so for the life of the project.”

Mr Bow said he believed the plan would take an “underused, blighted space” and return it back to the community.

“The Town is incredibly excited about delivering the community activity zone and this park space,” he said.