Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club remains cautious about remaining in Victoria Park

Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club remains cautious about remaining in Victoria Park

VICTORIA Park Xavier Hockey Club president Ryan Willis remains cautious about the possibility of his club remaining in the Town of Victoria Park.

After a report claimed there were no sites owned by the Town that could house the club’s proposed synthetic turf facility, the council moved to continue to work together with the community and stakeholders to investigate alternative locations as part of its open space strategy during a meeting on October 10.

As part of the resolution, Harold Rossiter Reserve and Raphael Park were deemed |unsuitable for the facility after concerns from the community about environmental impacts and the loss of open space.

Mr Willis said he was feeling more positive but still saw some issues.

“The issues are that it’s linked in with the public open space report and we don’t know when that will be completed,” he said.

“It could mean that we have to wait another two or three years and that will mean we will have waited more than 15 years.

“It’s the council’s duty to |remove sites, even though there was no environmental report completed.

“I think just because there is an existing user at a site, it shouldn’t be removed as an |option. I’m hopeful that we can work with the Town and the other user groups.”

The club, which has been in the Town under various names since 1962, is looking to move from Fletcher Park so it can build a synthetic turf facility to keep up with other clubs.

After some members of the community campaigned against the club’s preferred option at Harold Rossiter Reserve because of environmental concerns and the loss of public open space, the Town appointed Dave Lanfear Consulting to look at options.

The consultant’s report came to the council at the elected members briefing session on October 3, which found there was no suitable location owned by the Town that could accommodate a synthetic turf pitch, three natural grass pitches and clubrooms.

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