Volunteer Task Force get water wise

Water Wise tipper truck demonstration.
Water Wise tipper truck demonstration.

LOCAL philanthropic organisation Volunteer Task Force (VTF) launched a new water wise tipper truck last month in a bid to develop its water wise project.

Co-funded by the Perth Nomads Golf Club, the new 7.5 tonne customised truck stands to be a big asset for the ongoing success of the water wise garden make over program.

The program was born in 2012 as a small-scale pilot scheme.

However, as of 2015, the program has completed more 370 remodels and spread over 10,000sq m of mulch and more than 1466 plants in the Perth metro area.

VTF Gardening and special projects advisor Andy Harold spearheaded the water wise program and said the garden remodels were based on sustainable gardening principles.

“We consult with clients and industry experts to reduce the amount of water used and create a natural attract outdoor area,” he said.

“Previously we hired a truck that wasn’t made for loading and unloading the large amounts of mulch needed.

“This new vehicle has high sides and a loading partition which allows us to separate loads and also store plants to ensure they arrive in top condition.”

VTF will showcase water wise garden concepts at the Perth Garden Festival at McCallum Park from April 28 to May 1.