Water supply network under more pressure

Water Corporation Perth regional manager Steve Dorricott told the Gazette no wastewater made its way into the lake because it was contained within the drainage system.

Crew attended after a member of the public raised the alarm at 6.52pm on Tuesday, February 11. The crew sealed the area about 8pm to prevent any further discharge.

A tanker began removing wastewater about 10pm that night, Mr Dorricott said.

‘A leaking joint was found on the wastewater pipe, which had caused the small amount of wastewater to discharge from the pipe,’ he said.

The pipe was not fully repaired until Thursday, February 13, due to the challenges posed by a drainage main on top of the area.

The area where the water pooled on the corner of Hardey Road and Elmsfield Street was later cleaned.

One lane of Elmsfield Street was intermittently closed during repairs.

Last week, leaking pipes were under the spotlight when the State’s Auditor General, Colin Murphy, tabled his latest report on the Water Corporation to Parliament.

Mr Murphy found the water supply network generally performed well but faced challenges to maintain its network and reduce water loss.

He said it was disappointing it was losing over 10 billion litres a year more than its benchmark.

Budget papers revealed a cut of $350m from the corporation’s maintenance program, according to Opposition water spokesman Dave Kelly.