Wesley College students to be motivated by ‘happiness guru’ Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal Ben-Shahar delivers a lecture.
Tal Ben-Shahar delivers a lecture.

WRONG choices are inevitable but decisions made in the aftermath have the power to shape your life, says happiness guru Tal Ben-Shahar.

A successful author and lecturer, Ben-Shahar will deliver a public talk at Wesley College on Wednesday to offer his expertise on choices that can lead to happiness.

With a PhD in organisational behaviour and a bachelor of arts in philosophy and psychology from Harvard University, Ben-Shahar offers insights on happiness, leadership, resilience, goal setting and more.

Students and the community from Wesley College will be privy to Ben-Shahar’s talk Choices We Make, exploring how a person’s choices can impact overall happiness.

Ben-Shahar said genetics could make up about half of a person’s happy disposition but the other 50 per cent came from the larger and smaller choices in life.

“There are little choices, such as whether a person smiles or frowns, offers kind or harsh words to another person or whether they appreciate what they have or take things for grants,” he said.

“But then there are the major choices, such as what career or calling they choose to pursue and whether they choose to invest in real – rather than virtual – relationships.”

While wrong choices may come with a consequence, Ben-Shahar said they could be seen as a positive learning curve.

“It’s inevitable to sometimes make wrong choices, it is part of being human,” Ben-Shahar said.

“It’s how we learn and grow. So when we make a bad choice we need to remember our humanity then ask what we can learn from it.”

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