Youth share their ideas with elders

Speak Out For Change: a youth summit, was run by the South East Corridor Youth Partnership Project, an initiative focused on supporting children in the South East metropolitan district.

The summit brought together young people from a range of backgrounds to discuss the issues important to them.

It allowed them to share their ideas with some of WA�s most influential people, who took a backseat at the summit, on how WA could change to help them thrive.

It was their chance to have their voices heard by those who were in positions of power to bring about change.

Official observers on the day included Mark McGowan, local government chief executives, WA Police superintendents and the national Children�s Commissioner Megan Mitchell.

The day was led by 13 young people who made up the Youth Leadership Roundtable.

They each led youth2youth workshops during the day. They were an opportunity to engage in open dialogue and allowed participants to have their say on how they believed specific things could be made better.

Recommendations made by the young people.

Mental health: More services need to be advertised through schools so young people can find them.

Disabilities: More people need to come out and talk about their personal disabilities to educate.

Culture: We need a more culturally diverse education system to reflect they way Australia is now.

Drugs and alcohol: Need to focus on supporting those with addictions- rehab over sentencing.

Youth justice: We need more opportunities for young people when they are released.

Employment: More education at school on how to find jobs, write resumes etc.

Education: Should be more catering for different ways of learning.

Teen parenting: More services needed when pregnant to help in preparation.

Racism and discrimination: Our education system lacks information about culture.

Sexual identity: More education is needed on all sexuality preferences and more safe places.

Violence: More education on respectful relationships- how to deal with things without violence.

Public transport: more guards needed, especially at night.

Bullying: Teachers need to take more responsibility, especially on emotional bullying.

Climate change: More education needed at a younger level.