A man’s perspective

So perhaps can I put forth a different perspective?

There are more women at work than there are men. More private property is owned by women, with the help of our Family Court of course.

More males are homeless and are unemployed. Why is the suicide rate for men five times the female rate?

Women own more superannuation, one reason being males die much earlier in life.

Males are treated with far more severity at all levels of our justice system. Sentences are higher generally for males.

Domestic violence is a pet sisterhood issue and the worst case scenario (note the said article of a woman who had her nose and ears cut off) is published continually. There is no mention of the fact that males suffer in more ways, more subtlety done.

In the workplace it is males who are the perpetrators. Females can flaunt and tease and when the males complain are told lucky, lucky you.

Finally, a perusal of the White Pages reveals departments helping and assisting females running to columns, while males at the last look had eight lines.

Can I suggest at some time in the future we have an article about the wonderful things men have done and are still doing?