Act of kindness passed on

LAST week my husband was walking our dog at McDougall Park, Como and stumbled across a tote bag on a bench.

Curious why someone would leave their bag behind on a bench, he went over to look and inside the bag was three magazines and a lovely note saying, �enjoy the magazines and the bag�.

Knowing that I love reading magazines, he brought them home for me to read.

I did and added three additional magazines to the bag and added another message to the original note, telling the next person to enjoy the bag and magazines.

The next day I put the bag and magazines were they were first found for the next person to enjoy.

I just wanted to say what a nice what a thoughtful and random act of kindness this was.

It was a nice surprise.

Thank you to the person who performed the random act of kindness and I hope the next person enjoys the kind gesture.