Ally’s flag flown

WRITER Peter Hitchens (Flag dishonours, Gazette, April 26) is fully aware of the circumstances of the flying of the Japanese flag at the services in Belmont.

The flags flown are those who supported our Anzacs and gave them safe passage.

The flag was flown at the service at Albany 2014 where the navy from Japan was present and their navy personnel marched in the parade with their ship sailing out of the harbour, for they were our allies and protected our troop ships as they sailed to the Middle Eat.

It is for that reason, and that alone, that we recognise Japan at our Anzac services. Countries that were and later on other countries that became our allies will be recognised in services in years to come.

At other memorial services, we recognise countries that were our allies – the United States, Greece, Fiji, Thailand to name a few.

These will be recognised with their flags flown at the memorial on appropriate occasions.

We must also remember that Japan has since served alongside our own troops in Iraq.

The decision to fly the Japanese flag is that of the City of Belmont RSL Sub-Branch alone, and not that of the City of Belmont.

We acknowledge there are some who dislike this, but it does not indicate that we do not forget the past but we also look to the future.



City of Belmont RSL Sub-Branch.