Bar welcome

IN contrast to Jackie Hair (No alcohol near schools, Gazette, April 7) and as a resident of South Perth, I and many others, welcome the addition of a small bar in Angelo Street.

I will predict there will be no issue about the venue being opposite Wesley College. I say this from my experience. I have recently retired as a deputy principal of a very large metropolitan senior high school.

The school is opposite a large shopping centre and a tavern operates 200m from the school gates. In my 24 years at the school, there was never an issue or problem associated with the proximity of the tavern and more than 2000 students passed the premises daily.

Locking away or hiding �adult entertainment outlets� is not the way to educate our young people on how to make responsible choices as they mature. Seeing adults enjoying themselves in a mature and responsible manner is a lesson well learnt.

I think that Jackie will be pleasantly surprised once Hopscotch opens.

DAVE BONNER, South Perth.