Barking constant

I READ with interest the letter in last week�s edition headlined �Dogged by dogs� and I could not have said it better myself.

Our story is almost identical: the disrespectful neighbours with not one but two dogs barking at the slightest little noise regardless of the time or whether the owners are home or not.

Moreover, it appears that these people do not care what stress they are causing because they do not intend to do anything about it.

We filled out the forms twice, submitted them but were told they were not accurate enough to be used in court and that we would need a doctor�s certificate stating how this problem was affecting our health.

The owner told us that if the ranger bothered him, he would be sorry.

There is absolutely no way we can win and the expensive product, well forget it; the dogs are barking so loud the owners just take no notice or are so stupid � don�t waste your money.

The councils say it is not up to them, they are following the �Dog Act� and in the meantime, we suffer.

Name and address supplied.