Be set to vote

IN the lead-up to local government election day on October 17, I remind people we have until August 28 to update our addresses on the State Electoral Roll.

If our details on that roll are current, we will be assured of a postal vote in both the mayoral election and council election for our City of South Perth ward.

Given that 50.83 per cent of people eligible to vote in the City of South Perth did so in the amalgamation poll held earlier this year, let’s hope they are still around to vote in October.

In addition, people who are renting their accommodation get a postal voting package sent to them, so it is a furphy for anyone to say �I’m renting and didn’t know that I could vote�.

I fear too many votes are declared invalid because voters fail to read and follow the instructions on what to do before posting their vote back to the WA Electoral Commission.

If you are happy with the way your council is governing, then show it by voting. People unhappy about some aspect are said to be more likely to vote.

CAROL ROE, Manning.