Bike safety vital

THE proposed rail link has stations at Airport West, Consolidated Airport and Forrestfield and is based on 20,000 generated trips from either the airport or the population catchment of 80,000.

We are concerned with safe routes for people on bicycles to the existing stations.

We are battling lacking of foresight from previous transport planners as we are trying to find money for local governments to create direct and safe routes for people who want to make active transport choices in connection with using public transport.

In this context, it is disturbing that the PTA Forrestfield Airport Summary mentions cyclists and pedestrians only in passing, and largely within the station precinct.

Bike cages at stations alone are not enough to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

We need to ensure that infrastructure planning for the three train stations includes safe and convenient access for people who choose to walk or cycle 10 minutes to the train: that is 600 metres for pedestrians and three kilometres for bicycles.


chief executive,

Bicycle Transport Alliance,

West Perth