Budget a bitter pill

I am sorry to say that not all Australians will share proportionately the burden of fiscal reforms.

The needy and seniors are being slugged the most.

I wish I could tell Mr Hockey that in my budget, there is no money budgeted for middies or cigars that I can reassign.

In the future, I will reassign all my regular voluntary donations to the Heart Foundation and Diabetes Foundation and refer them to the Abbott Sick Tax medical fund.

My wife and I are self-funded retirees and are both so disappointed about the way things are looking.

By the way, today we refilled my prescriptions for this month.

At $6 per prescription, it is reasonable, but when you consider the total was $36, it is a fair percentage of our budget.

Next month, we will refill my wife’s prescriptions ” it is the way we budget our disposable income.

In the near future, this will be inflated by another $14 at the surgery for the scripts every six months.