Claim fanciful

Is it ignorance, lack of political knowledge, or sour grapes because you failed to get enough votes to get on to council yourself that has you claiming that three councillors are from the left wing of the ALP?

To the best of my knowledge Mr Weston, those people are from the right faction of the party.

The Liberal Party it seems make no secret of wanting their own people elected ” remember it was the Liberal MLA for Belmont, Glenys Godfrey, who in my opinion used her position publicly to endorse certain individuals.

Mr Weston, how could these three councillors disrupt and destabilise when they (three out of nine) are in the minority? It seems there is also something wrong with your arithmetic.

Finally, it has been widely known that the Belmont council has long been dominated by Liberal Party members, or at the very least, supporters of the Liberal Party ” weren’t you aware of that Mr Weston?