Claims offend

IN her letter, (Attitude offends, Gazette, September 9) Bella Scharfenstein falsely claims that I have ignored numerous invitations to attend community meetings with residents who would be affected by DA6.

As a local Member who goes out of her way to meet with constituents, I find these claims offensive.

The truth is these invitations were never made. I keep records of all the paper mail that I receive and my office emails are also stored just so that my officers and I can check for things like this.

When questioned about the ‘numerous invitations’, her response was that they were verbal invitations for two meetings held in 2013, without telling who actually made those alleged invitations.

I encourage all residents who may have questions about the new train station coming to Redcliffe and DA6 to get in touch with me through my office.

I may not be the minister who ultimately decides what happens, but I am certainly here to represent the concerns of local people.


Member for Belmont