Claims surprise

AS a 20-year resident of Perth, mostly in the City of Melville, I am stunned by the response in the media to the planned merger of councils in our capital city.

I’m particularly surprised by claims that Fremantle should remain a separate council. Even though it has had decades to prove its relevance, yet the area continues a decline due to lack of vision.

Everyone had the opportunity to have their say during the review process but I was only one of 280 who lodged a submission out of a population of 1.6 million. Only 30.9 per cent of eligible voters voted in the last council elections across WA.

Based on those figures, I can assume that most people have very little interest in the lowest level of government.

The doom and gloom message splashed across our papers is being driven by a minority who have a completely irrational fear of change, yet change is inevitable.

Almost every aspect of Perth has changed dramatically since I arrived in 1990, so it is only logical that our local governments change too to keep up.

We are one of the most over-governed countries in the world so this reform will go some way to making our governments more able to meet the needs of local communities now and in the future.

Dante Giacomin, Bull Creek