Cycle lanes safe

I have had to cycle along the highway for several years and the new cycle lanes have made my commute easier and much safer. Previously cycling on the road meant regular abuse from drivers and frequently almost being hit or run off the road.

The other options were to ride on the footpath next to the highway, or use the dual-use path next to the river.

Riding on the footpath is illegal and means constantly being on the watch for cars (or pedestrians) pulling out of or into driveways and side streets.

The path along the river is windy, an uneven surface, entirely unlit and often covered in sand and debris after heavy rain.

The new, on-road cycle lanes are clearly marked and wide enough for bikes and cars not to get in each other’s way. Well-designed intersections prevent confusion and minimise merging of cars and bikes.

Having the cycle lanes as part of the road is great for increasing the visibility of cyclists to cars pulling on to the highway, or turning off it. Most drivers are very respectful of the cycle lanes and are much more aware of cyclists than if they are on a separate path near the road.

I commend Main Roads WA and everyone else involved in this project for supporting cycling infrastructure for providing a well thought out and well-implemented design.