Dogged by dogs

Practically all of my neighbours own dogs and most go to work each day leaving their dogs to bark incessantly.

However, it’s no different when they’re home from work, they seem oblivious to the sound.

One dog starts barking and then there is a resounding chorus from all the other dogs. If I so much as sneeze when I’m in my kitchen, the barking starts.

When dog owners are approached, requests are ignored. Trying to lodge a complaint with the local council is almost impossible if all your neighbours own a dog.

After I’d filled out the two-week diary I was told I’d need to repeat it and then get signatures.

One neighbour (dogless) would not sign because she was scared of repercussions from her neighbours.

I bought an expensive product that emits a high-pitched sound in response to a dog barking. I tried that for a couple of weeks – even that had no effect.

Then there’s the dog’s doo. Regularly I am greeted with dog dumps on the footpath at the front of my home or a plastic bag of doo thrown into my front garden.

It’s about time dog owners acted in a responsible manner and I believe the only way that’s going to happen is if the local councils do something about it.

Name and address supplied.