Faith in Government Destroyed

RESIDENTS of Redcliffe affected by the DA6 redevelopment proposal are disappointed at the Minister for Transport’s media release that states that Brearley Avenue needs to be closed at Great Eastern Highway in order to develop the Airport West Station.

The residents over the past three years repeatedly demonstrated to Main Roads and the minister’s office that the top portion of Brearley Avenue can remain open without affecting the construction of the station, or impeding traffic flow on the highway.

They are extremely concerned that closure of Brearley Avenue will create a traffic hazard along First Street and Boulder and Kananowa avenues.

Drivers regularly lose control at the Coolgardie Avenue and First Street T-junction, and many pedestrians have complained of near misses.

Larger commercial vehicles are unable to negotiate this corner because it is too narrow.

This section of road is simply not designed for the large volumes of traffic that the total closure of Brearley Avenue will create along First Street.

Residents believe the avenue’s closure requires parliamentary approval and they will continue to lobby to keep Brearley Avenue open to First Street.

The lack of concern for residents’ safety, demonstrated by the State and City of Belmont has destroyed our faith in government.