Fantasy folly

THE notion of annexing sections of the Burswood Peninsula by “jumping the river” presents nothing more than a financial and physical fantasy to the ratepayers of the Town of Victoria Park and the City of South Perth.

Barnett and Scaffidi’s attitude towards the ratepayers of both precincts reeks of paternalism, treating all as mindless dolts and simpletons, and the inference being that no-one would be intelligent enough to see through this odious, hypocritical and political conspiracy that is designed to pull the wool over many collective eyes.

Amalgamation, because of its very nature, will automatically unearth various issues in need of resolution, one way or the other.

However, with the wildest and most vivid of imaginations, this surely is not one such issue.

This is a conjured-up and self-serving issue with little or no moral basis in fact.

It should not be allowed to survive.

Bill Henshall, Lathlain