Fears for park

I RECENTLY received a letter from a concerned community member regarding the removal of bushland in Redcliffe Park, which is a cause of concern for me.

I own and live in a property on Grand Parade, right opposite the park. I find it ludicrous that the Gateway WA project has been given access to remove the bushland due to ‘convenience’ because frankly I find this is in fact ‘laziness’.

This in turn will affect the many people who live in the area who use the park every day and property values.

The trees serve a purpose: they are home to wildlife and they stop and absorb noise from the Tonkin Highway. Moreover, with the vast increase in population I can only imagine that traffic will continue to increase on the highway because of non-existing public transport.

I also ask the people involved in letting this happen if they live or own a property in Redcliffe and if they would allow this to happen in that area?

The local council should find it comforting to know that there are people within the community willing to object and save Redcliffe Park.

I just hope Belmont council reciprocates the same compassion.