Fees ‘robbery’

The application fee rises from $159.20 to $246.30, renewal from $45.70 to $51.80 and additions $72.50 to $169.50. The Government via the licensing enforcement division calls this cost recovery.

The applicant has to download all forms including safety awareness lessons, application form, property letters or club details to validate through the computer, then print out the completed forms and submit to the Post Office, plus safety awareness test papers and a serviceability certificate on the firearm from the dealer.

The applicant also has to include a declaration about the safe in which the firearm is kept, with photos of its correct mounting. The processing of the documents can take up to six weeks.

This isn’t cost recovery, it is bare-faced robbery.

Now before anti-gunners start, there are more fatalities and accident trauma caused by motor cars, which any 17-year-old can obtain. The weapon of choice in robberies is a screwdriver and more homicides involve the kitchen knife or people’s fists.

Yes, America has a problem with shooting massacres; but take the firearms out and these people will use something else.

We have the best system, but why are law-abiding citizens who have an interest in something different being penalised so heavily?