Fines Punitive: Australia Day

ON Australia Day, I was in York Street in South Perth. It has at least 30 parking bays for the school.

At 3.30pm, Skyshow visitors occupied about eight of these bays. I talked to a couple who were from the outer suburbs and they had been no trouble in getting to this parking. There was no one parking on the street itself and absolutely no indication anywhere that parking was prohibited.

All the cars parked there received $160 fines and some of the owners had been told they had to move immediately, even if they had been drinking,

I did not talk to any driver who was aware they were not allowed to park there and there was no signage.

The drivers I saw caught were either young people who simply do not read the papers or new Australians with limited English skills

Based on this knowledge, I feel that fining these drivers was punitive and doubling the fines just for the day was blatant revenue raising, which made me feel ashamed to be a South Perth resident.

RICHARD CLAY, Kensington.