Fix this fence

AS a resident/ratepayer in the City of Belmont, I would like to ask the council when it plans to repair the fence bordering the ornamental lake in the front of the council offices.

The fence between the footpath and the lake collapsed into the lake more than four months ago and for a couple of months the fix applied consisted of several lengths of red and white plastic tape. Plastic construction barriers have since replaced the tape.

Now, while I agree that the construction barriers are a safe alternative for a permanent fence, I would have thought that the aesthetic properties of said barriers leave a little to be desired as a permanent fix.

It is also to be hoped that when the council does get around to making permanent repairs, it will also take the time to remove the original section of the fence that remains in the lake; it’s not the greatest of looks.

If the council takes this long to repair the fence right under its noses I wonder how long it takes to get things repaired that are out of sight.

I pass this fence almost every day and I watch with interest to see when the repair crews will arrive.

R.S. Raxworthy, Belmont