Flag must change

WRITER Steve Luplau’s rather quaint admonition of the correct flying of a flag (Southern Gazette, March 19) is sad when the main issue is neglected.

Why fly this flag at all?

The present Australian flag, apart from the Southern Cross, is anathema to me. I cringe every time our fallen Republican Premier Colin Barnett is pictured in the media with the Union Jack as the backdrop.

A flag is primarily a representation of a nations’ consciousness of itself, and our present flag is diminished with that of another country. The English language is a sufficient reminder of the origin of some of our citizens.

My family has been in Australia for 223 years (convict on the Lady Juliana in 1790). I am a proud citizen and wish to have a flag I can admire and that represents me.

It is time for a change in our flag to reflect our national identity and maturity as a nation.

B. Fowler, Victoria Park