Godfrey’s comments offend

COMMENTS by Glenys Godfrey in the report in last week’s Gazette headlined ‘Good things on the way: MLA’, indicate how out of touch she is with constituents in Redcliffe designated Development Area 6.

Mrs Godfrey was invited on numerous occasions to attend community meetings with DA6 residents. However, she did not attend, nor offer a polite decline.

What she fails to acknowledge is that DA6 is a Western Australian Planning Commission proposal to create a high-density urban village for future Airport West workers ” not the existing residents. The commission wants residents’ land to create this urban village, which means getting rid of the existing residents.

There’s no room for us in its vision.

While there is a vague prospect of increasing land values, a significant number of residents are happy living here and don’t want to move.

We love our safe, friendly, crime-free little neighbourhood and don’t want to be bullied out of it.

For the residents whose houses will be directly affected by construction of the new train station, this also is not a good thing and they have every right to complain.

Mrs Godfrey should not publicly dismiss people in such a cavalier attitude. Many residents have found this particularly offensive.