Gran must have

I hope that it will open a good, measured and healthy conversation in our community about a topic much maligned and often misunderstood.

In the 1940s, my mother told me only that ‘when a man and a woman are asleep God with his great hands brings them together and that’s where babies come from ” now let’s get these groceries in from the car.’

In the ensuing 10 or so years, I longed for more information on this mysterious idea.

Like many of my era, we learnt much from the big, fat, sleazy boy on the other side of the playground fence.

We gawked in wonder at the Playboy centrefold and bare-breasted women in National Geographic.

The result was that we were awkward and probably retarded in our development because previous generations had passed on flawed information they knew was somehow taboo.

They probably knew it was otherwise but someone told them it was shameful to talk about or even think too much about.

There’s a story about a girl and her suitor groping in the dark on the couch in the lounge room being surprised by grandmother entering the room saying ‘why I never!’

The young girl in a moment of quick thinking replied: ‘But Gran, you must have.”