Happy with access

ON behalf of the City of South Perth Residents’ Association, I say how happy we are that people in a wheelchair now have access to the Angelo Street Post Office.

For some years, people have been crying out for a ramp because they could not negotiate the large step giving access to the building.

Australia Post, along with the new owners and the past owners, put together the plan for Council with permission from Telstra (which was granted in two days) to go ahead with the ramp and raise the floor level in the entry to come into line with the Post Office floor.

South Perth Council granted that permission immediately.

We thank Australia Post, the new owner and the past owner and Telstra for making the entry to our Post Office available to everyone.

My eldest son has to use a wheelchair, so I have been particularly concerned about this issue.

We would also like to welcome the new owners to South Perth.

CECILIA BROOKE, chairwoman,

City of South Perth

Residents’ Association.