Home truths

Three were taken from three locked garages and one was lifted over a fence.

Easily, the consensus default mode for many is to blame the police, State Government or the council. However, when is it acceptable to roam the streets in the early hours of the morning?

When is it OK to break in and steal somebody’s property and remove the only means that an individual has to access the shops and medical facilities?

The stark reality is that no matter how much resources governments pour in to preventing crimes, criminals will always find ways to carry out what they intend to do.

We all talk of sophisticated ways of protecting our properties and ourselves.

However, not many of us talk about where has the family gone in its role as the basic unit of the society, where the foundation of kindness, sharing and respect for neighbours are supposed to be taught to its members.

We, the members of the community, can start the change because the truth is it starts in the home.