I sense that Mr Gleeson may well be a candidate in the forthcoming council elections.

Have these Rivervale “groups” not the nous to realise what types of images and messages they are sending out to other communities about Rivervale, its people and what can affect others’ sole investment, the value of their houses, with their statements?

The connection of some of these “groups” and individuals to link and portray all public housing tenants solely with crime and anti-social activities is abhorrent and it is my belief that it is usually for self-serving purposes.

These unthinking people obviously believe that reducing public housing in the area will reduce crime, so who will profile the tenants as to who may stay, who may be anti-social and who may be a future criminal public tenant?

Anyone buying or building a residence in Rivervale for over the past 65 years has known it was one of the first State Housing Commission estates in WA and in that time the number of Department of Housing homes has shrunk to just 12.5 per cent, not 15 per cent, as one Rivervale correspondent to the Gazette claimed in April this year.

Secondly, using the Gazette archives of ‘Street Watch’ (crime from your suburb) from May 7, 2012 to May 29, 2013 in comparing two adjoining suburbs, Rivervale and Belmont, Rivervale had 86 incidents and Belmont 116 – a 16.24 per cent difference.

Yet we don’t hear the people in the suburb of Belmont continually denigrating their area, do we?